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What does North Star Power do?

NSP's main focus is low and medium voltage circuit breaker rebuilding. We also test, repair, and maintain switchgear, transformers, and MCC buckets. 

What can we expect when using your breaker rebuild services? 

Failed circuit breakers are completely rebuilt at our shop. If you are unsure which breakers you have that need rebuilding, we will come diagnose them at your location.  Every breaker is treated the same and sent back to you in better-than-new condition. 

Why do you only do total rebuilds? 

You might think that it is overkill to do a total rebuild on a breaker that is failing because of one small component, but most of these breakers were made so long ago that it doesn't take much for another part to fail. Rebuilding everything at once not only renews your breaker's lifespan, but it also saves you money from having to send your breaker in for repairs more often. 

What causes a breaker to fail? 

There are many things that can cause a breaker to fail, including bad bushings, seized grease, damaged parts, rust, poor insulation resistance, and worn-out trip units. Even if the breaker is still operating, all of these factors are dangerous and can cause undesired outages in your building. That is why when we test your substations, we thoroughly test and inspect everything so we can prevent outages and safety hazards. 

Why did you choose Edgerton, Missouri for your location? 

Edgerton is just north of Kansas City, located in the center of the country to give us the widest range of service possible. With us being one of the only businesses in the town, we have big plans to provide local community services, and revive this charming little area.

How long will it take to get my breaker back? 

There are many factors that affect turn-around time for breaker rebuilds. We have returned breakers to clients in as little as one week. Currently, our average turnaround time is one month per batch of breakers. 


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