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North Star Power is a one-of-a-kind business. We are going further than just rebuilding electrical power systems. The world of electrical power is in critical disrepair. We are founded on the belief that the field of breaker rebuilding needs to seriously step up its game. Power plants are shutting down because there are not enough qualified people who can keep them maintained, and replacement substations are now being built to be disposable. We are revolutionizing the rebuild industry. 

The old ways of circuit breaker service are just not working anymore. They are slow, unreliable, expensive, and unable to keep up with the current demand. North Star Power took apart this broken system and completely modernized it. We have implemented a system to efficiently pump out homogeneous high-quality rebuilds using automation and other methods to eliminate human-error. We have teamed up with experts in many different fields and combined our knowledge to create new jobs. We also have a refined testing crew that accurately and thoroughly tests breakers with similar refined methods, and we do it faster than anyone else. We pride ourselves on our ability to test and rebuild circuit breakers with precision and better-than-new quality.


But why go through the hassle of resurfacing everything and testing all components even if there is just one thing wrong? We have heard your woes about how you will send a breaker for repair, and it will return months later and still not work. It is common in the industry that repair shops will do the bare minimum to get the breaker operational. They cut corners to save time because they are under such high workload with an outdated system, and just can’t keep up. This contributes further to the epidemic of power system dysfunction. We fully test and rebuild because it cements a long lifespan and saves you money and stress in the long run.


North Star Power started up in February 2020 with three people in a small shop. While many places in the world were still navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic, the founders of the company worked long nights and hard hours to get rolling. More members joined the team and now, with a larger core group of devoted risk-takers, we laid the foundations for our standard of quality. We used trial and error to find ways to disassemble and reassemble components that nobody else would touch. We furthered research to invent ways of rebuilding breakers easily and repeatably. All our teamwork collectively created a modernized, refined process. We hit our first major milestone for our rebuild rate one year before our projected date! The only problem now was the shop was just way too small; it was time to expand.

We purchased a larger property and got busy with construction. The building was originally a mechanic shop, with three large bays and another detached single bay building, and both needed desperate TLC. The place was full of spiders and reeked of spoiled soybeans. So, in our better-than-new fashion, we spent weeks renovating to make it look like a showroom floor. With a new space and an ever-growing team, we have been able to maintain our breaker quota and better-than-new quality. Even so, we still invested into upgrading our equipment and tuning in every step because we always are looking for ways to improve. We continue taking on new clients and impressing everyone with our expertise. Our goals for the future reach farther and higher than any other breaker shop could ever have dreamed of.

Aside from our duties as breaker technicians, we are also digging our roots into our little town. We didn’t only start up in Edgerton because of its location in the center of the mainland US. Edgerton is a quaint little town that has a charming community, but it was struggling. Most of the businesses had already closed before COVID, but the pandemic was almost the nail in the coffin. North Star Power is putting in efforts to give this community hope. We are bringing in workers from in town and nearby communities. We have donated to our local fair, “Pioneer Days”, and volunteer for various roles. We’ve even gone so far as to remake some of the town faded signs. We are active members of the Northern Platte County Chamber of Commerce. We hope that as our company grows, the town grows with it.

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North Star Power’s plans all point to our desire to become the highest standard of quality for electrical repair. Our short-term plans include local expansion: broadening job opportunities, expanding our building, and serving our local community. Even when we reach record-breaking numbers, it will only be a dent in trying to keep up with how quickly electrical systems are failing. It is quite an empire for us to think about and makes what we currently are feel tiny in comparison, but these milestones give us a bottomless drive. We know how important our job is to keep society running, and we are going above and beyond to see it through.

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